Christmas Lingerie Gifting Guide

You have the most thoughtful gift idea for your loved one, with a very special and personal touch, you decide to think outside the box and gift lingerie this year. But we know what you are thinking, ‘this can either go really well, or really bad’ as perfect ideas can be perilous in practice (especially when gifting underwear and intimates). So, in this quick and simple guide, we will take you through all the essential steps when purchasing lingerie and give you recommendations for choosing the perfect one.


                   It’s All About Her

It can be tempting to personally choose a style or colour you would love to see her in. However, you must remember that this gift is all about her, and if you want to get it right don’t assume she will love your pick just because you love it. Gifting lingerie is a great opportunity to show your loved one how well you truly know her, her desires, style, and character.


                     Style By Occasion

Choosing the right style might be the hardest part of this gifting journey, so let’s get it out of the way. To choose the best style for your loved one we recommend for you to pick an occasion, is it a sexy right, date night, or maybe for everyday comfortable wear. The next part is the most important one, notice what she wears for that occasion, is it something seductive and daring, classy or minimal, and remember to pay attention to the details. Matching your purchase with styles she already owns means you will be choosing from styles she already feels comfortable and confident in.



                      Size Matters

Once you’ve done the hard part, let’s talk sizing. To find out the right size check on the lingerie she already owns. Panties are usually in sizes S,M,L and XL, whereas bras can be either indicated by a letter ( e.g B) with a band size in number ( e.g. 34), or also in sizes S,M,L. If you are still unsure, it’s better to ask someone than guessing, choosing the right size will be a cherry on top of this beautiful gift.


                      I Want More

If gifting a bra and panties just isn’t going right or you decide you want to gift something else, let us show you the different styles of lingerie you can choose from, they may even be a better gifting option for your loved one.


                     Satin Dreams

Explore our gorgeous satin nightwear collection. With a variety of styles and colours you will definitely find the one!




If your loved one likes the underwear outerwear trend, bodysuits are your go-to gifting. Here’s our best selling one, we’re sure she will adore it!



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