Getting Your Lingerie Perfect for You- From Bra Measurements to Choosing the Perfect Style.

Understanding your bra size is essential for finding perfect fitting lingerie that enhances your best features while being comfortable. As we say, being comfortable enhances confidence. While being measured in a store is always an option, it’s not as convenient as being able to measure yourself, this is what we aim to achieve.

First, take a measuring tape around the chest under the breast, noting the inches – rounding to an even number if an odd number. Whether you round up or down is a matter of personal preference, this first measurement determines your band size.

After you have this measurement, pull the tape around the fullest part of your breast, holding it tight and level take a note of the inches again. This measurement will be your cup size. By subtracting your band size from your cup size you’ll get your cup.

Traditionally your cup will be measured from AA-E. The difference in Cup is an inch, if your chest and cup are the same sizes you would be an AA cup. Each increase in inch difference is an increase in Cup. This Chart will explain it.

Cup Size Calculator

Once measured, the next step is finding the perfect silhouette for your shape. Every body has a different shape and each shape will be better suited in different ways. Understanding this allows our lingerie to fit and enhance your natural beauty more effortlessly.

If ever in doubt there are always sister sizes, sizes that will fit if your size isn't available. For example, a 34D will fit a 32C, going down or up a band size will do the opposite to the Cup size. Another example, a 30B will fit a 32A. 

The average woman is more pear-shaped, your waist and hips tend to be wider than your bust, with narrower shoulders. We recommend a bra with a deep plunging V to accentuate your breast, our Adorn Black Lace set with its open chest and delicate trimming adds detail and attention to your soft shoulders.

For hourglass shapes, the faithful method is to emphasize your waist. Your hourglass shape is determined by even breast and hip measurements. A well-fitted set is crucial to making your waist stand out, for this, we'd suggest our Deva Sets (now in Blue), with daring thin straps that delicately draw attention to the breast and high-waisted panties that caress your hips and lift your bottom.

Black Deva Set


The most unrecognised and under-appreciated shape is the Apple shape, your shoulders and bust stand out more than your other features. With a corset, you can add curves while adding a spotlight to your full bust. Our Seventh Heaven Black Lace Body and matching suspenders create a flare at the hips to add a balance to your shape.

Last, but certainly not least are those with an athletic build using a halter or racer back to draw attention to your décolletage and arms, statement necklines and low or open backs to further feminise your shape. A soft and flowy shape will add a stunning contrast to the dramatic details across your breast. Our Satin Dreams Pure Black Night Dress with its deep V, sheer mesh detailing and glamorous lace slits will elegantly complement your shape.

 For more clarity on our sizes, see our size chart.

Dare to Desire Size Chart

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