Finding the right gift for your loved one can sometimes be a challenge.. but what do women love more than flowers? New lingerie!! In this blog we will take you through all the steps to help you find the perfect lingerie set !



It is important to get this part right. Choosing the most accurate size will be a cherry on top of your chosen set. You can easily find the size by looking at her already owned lingerie, or just ask her close friend. To find the perfect size, we also recommend that you check out the sister size page, where you can see the size conversions and alternatives.



Finding the perfect bra style can feel overwhelming as there may seem to be such a variety of cuts and colours. However, there are three main types of bras women tend to choose from :  

The Bralette Style

No cup padding, no underwire. Soft and comfortable, ideal for everyday wear.

The Balcony Bra Style

No padding on the cup. Underwired. Often comes with in lace cup.

Padded Bra Style

Padded cup , underwired . Padding can give an extra push and support of the breast. 



Notice the styles she already owns to give you a hint of her preference. What does she prefer to wear when running errands, or on a special occasion? Remember details are important; does she prefer to wear lace? or something with full coverage? Does she prefer to wear all black and nude or does she love the colour? Consider every detail and choosing the right style will feel simpler than ever ! 



If your loved one likes to add a bit of colour to her lingerie , this section will be your life saver! Here are some tips and tricks when choosing the perfect lingerie colour! 
If she has a fair skin tone you may want to stick with pastel colours to bring out their delicate complexion, Crystal Blue Balconette would be the perfect set! The Bloom and Wild Balconette is also good option, the gold undertones can be very complimentary for fair skin tones. 
Olive skin tones look amazing in deep, warm colours and earth tones. The Jade Green Balcnette and Retro Bordeux Balconette are perfect colours for the tanned skinned ladies! 
If she has a deeper complexioned, light colours such as pastel and white are gorgeous contrasts which can perfectly emphasise your skin tone! Why not try the Ariel White Balconette 



She probably doesn't know this , but her eyes can be softly, or dramatically emphasised by different lingerie colours. 

For the brown eyed ladies, rich shades of purple and green can really bring out your gorgeous eyes. Try the Jade Green Balconette or Forest Green Bralette

And what can accentuate a blue eye colour?yesss! more blue! It gives a very coordinated, aesthetically pleasing effect. We recommend the Crystal Blue Balconette or Blue Deva Plunge Bra. Alternatively, you can also try colours such as deep each and terracotta.

For the ladies with green/hazel eyed view, why not try a romantic red colour? The contrast will beautifully highlight their rare eye colour and make them really stand out! here are just a few from our collection : Red Romantic Plunge Bra , Rose Red Padded Bra.  


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