Let's Talk Bras - Some of The Most Asked Bra-Related Questions Now Answered All in One Blog

You asked, we answered. Here are some of the most asked questions and dilemmas when it comes to bras! 


Bra or Bralette, what should you be wearing...


Bralette is an undergarment that is usually unwired, comes with a soft cup, and unpadded or removable pads while providing support for the breasts. They are cozy and comfortable to wear, especially for those who have sensitive breasts or find wires and padding uncomfortable or inconvenient for a daywear. They are also more suitable for women with smaller breasts and petite bodies, as they require less support from the bra. Bralettes give the ‘no-bra’ feel and can be worn as workout gear, loungewear, while running errands or needing a comfy, all day wear. 


Unlike bralettes, bras have more structure and are more figure-hugging, with an intention to fully cover, provide support, and elevate the breast. They come in various shapes, styles and sizes and may come as wired or unwired, padded, or unpadded, but still provide support for the breast and lift the breasts upwards. Women with bigger breasts tend to go for bras styles as opposed to bralettes, as they improve posture, support the breast, reduce spine problems and eliminate back pain.

Why are bra straps falling down?

To put it simple, if your bra straps are falling down, you are wearing the wrong bra! 

"My bras feel loose and do not seem to sit right and tend to ride up your back throughout the day", does that sound familiar? Well, that can cause the bra straps to misplace themselves and fall down throughout the day…sounds uncomfortable, we know! 

To fix this uncomfortable issue, we recommend getting a bra fitting. It is recommended to get a bra fitting every three months for an accurate choice of sizes and styles for your breasts, as wearing old bras can also cause discomfort. 

Wearing the right style for your breast shape and size also influences the positioning of straps. Wearing a size 34B in a balconette bra is different from wearing 34B in a push up bra due to additional padding and different wires. Which is why choosing the right bra style plays an essential part in the comfort and functionality of the bra. 

Which bra is the best? 

The answer varies for every woman. Women's breasts all vary in shapes and sizes, and are all uniquely beautiful in their own way. This is why for every breast shape and size, there is a perfect bra style. Here are some of our recommendations, although, we recommend visiting bra fitting services for better accuracy.

Slender breasts are usually wider at the top with nipples positioned a little lower. Women with this breast type often experience weak tissue and so It is important to lift and support the breast. For this breast shape we recommend a sexy push up or classic balconettes as they add support and lightly lift the breast. 

Bell breasts are narrow at the top and fuller at the bottom. This breast type can be beautifully emphasised in full coverage styles and balconettes if the cup size is a small one. 

East west breasts are positioned outwards and the nipples towards left and right. The purpose of a bra is to bring the nipples back to the middle and avoid overflowing. Padded bras perfectly hold the breast while enhancing the shape.  T-Shirt bras are also a great option for this breast type. 

Full breasts are evenly rounded and volumised. Therefore they do not need a lot of support from a bra, and can comfortably wear many different styles, such as bralettes, balconettes and slightly padded bras if you want to lift the breast. 

Relaxed shaped breasts have a soft , less full appearance with the nipples often positioned lower. Full coverage styles and balconettes perfectly shape and support this breast type

Asymmetric breasts can be any of the mentioned shapes, with a difference in size between two breasts. To give a symmetrical look and comfort, we recommend a coverage bra with a removable padding to adjust the size. 

Which bra is best for daily use

There is no simple answer to this one, it all depends on your definition of ‘daily comfortable wear’. 

Women with smaller breasts or petite frames, who do not need a lot of support, would find comfort in unwired bralette. The Lolita Bralettes are amazingly comfortable styles, while still looking stylish. With a mix of Spandex and Nylon, they provide a natural, minimal push to the breast, while giving a stretch to the fabric, ensuring the breast stays in one place throughout the day.

Women with bigger breasts tend to need more support, to avoid back problems and spillages throughout the day, which can happen if the bra does not give the right support. We therefore recommend choosing a bra with a wire and padding. Jasmine White Plunge bra is an excellent balance of comfort yet classy. The U shaped wire with a minimal padding ensures that the whole breast is positioned in the right place throughout the day without any uncomfortable spillages, while the double strapped back creates an even distribution of the weight which will lessen discomforts and back pains. 

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