Lingerie Sets Everyone Will Feel Good In!

Comfortable is the new SEXY ! Over the years there has been a movement to ditch the overly padded, extra push up bras and embrace our natural breast shapes and sizes. After all, comfort embraces confidence. In this blog, we will show you our most comfortable,  statement, and sexy lingerie pieces you will simply adore !


Lolita Balconettes ( Available in White and Navy)

The Lolita bralettes are a part of our ‘Classic Collection’, and are the embodiment of comfort and femininity. The effortless mix of Spandex and Nylon ensures that the breast stays in place all day without having to make any uncomfortable adjustments and fixes throughout the day. The bralette also creates a natural push to the breast without the use of any wires or extra padding. It is simply a pleasure to wear.


Retro Bordeaux

This balcontte is inspired by retro-style cuts and colours, and it is the perfect balance of statement and comfort. The anchor back strap which is positioned closer to the body ensures an even weight distribution of the breast, providing more support and comfort throughout the day. The straps won’t slide off the shoulders and will reduce shoulder pressure. Not to mention how easy it is to put this gorgeous piece on thanks to one-button front closure.  

Black ONYX Balconette

Feminine meets dangerously sexy in this one of the kind push up without the push balconette. This bra has been designed to make you feel sexy and comfortable all day long. We have added a 1.5mm underwire to prevent it from pressing into the skin, which we all know leaves uncomfortable and not so aesthetically pleasing marks. The wire is J shaped which hugs and adds support for the whole breast tissue, pushing them to the middle and creating a natural push up effect. We have also added two 1.5mm paddings on each side for additional support, ensuring the breast stays in place all day without causing accidental spillages. 



Passion Pink Balconette

From our new collection, we have the passion pink balconette bra, designed for an all day sexy wear. We have used 2mm wire with a more rounded shape, creating a deep cup effect and preventing spillages. It is especially designed for all day, comfortable wear. We have also added double, thicker lace on both sides which allows the breast to form its natural shape around the bra promoting a comfortable positioning of the breast. 

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